Welcome to UTM Monkey

OSB is currently in development of UTM Monkey, a new tool to help you check that your UTM parameters are properly implemented. The MVP is due June 14, 2022.  

Why UTM Monkey?

A major issue with EQ and with all other data collection tools outside of Facebook, is that they depend on UTM parameters to be configured on each Facebook ad. A UTM allows tracking of the ad's performance outside of the advertising entity. Therefore, it is a properly implemented UTM parameters are a key requirement to make it possible for any 3rd party to check and verify Facebook's advertising performance reports.  If UTM parameters are not being configured on ads, you lose your invaluable data.  This is where our experience comes in.

UTM Monkey is a tool that can check if your UTM parameters are configured correctly on your Facebook ads, allowing for better data and greater insights.

In principle it should be very easy to make sure that all Facebook ads have UTMs and that can be easy. In practice many things can go wrong.

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Jamie Larson